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First Answers

Jan 28, 2021

21st-century children deserve a new generation of parents with better tools. In this episode, Dr. Scoresby will explain the importance of understanding the role of social context. There are five elements in each social situation, and knowing these will help you understand how to keep what is important at work at work

Jan 20, 2021

In this episode, Dr. Scoresby will explain how to help your children be socially confident by teaching them the vocabulary for many situations so they can understand more, communicate better, and be able to make smooth adaptations or adjustments. When parents do this, they are more likely to have confident children who...

Jan 13, 2021

One of the worst experiences for children is to be misjudged by their parents and falsely accused. This often leads to feelings of worthlessness, injustice, and anger. To avoid this, Dr. Scoresby will explain four different reasons why children act as they do, the cues that will tell you about each, and how to respond...

Jan 6, 2021

Even with all the openness in our world about sex, there is still evidence that many parents are not teaching their children about it. In this episode, Dr. Scoresby explains how to create a positive conversation relationship on the topic and how to adapt your teaching to your children’s ages and stages of development....