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First Answers

Feb 18, 2021

All great leaders appear to be guided by a set of doctrines or principles that underlie the way they treat people and organize them. The eight doctrines Dr. Scoresby describes in this episode can be implemented by anyone, and they have proven to make leadership more successful.   

Feb 11, 2021

People of yesteryear were masters at coming up with bridge statements that motivated children to do things they might not want to do. These statements become so much a part of life that they are used for specific situations but remembered by all who hear them. Use this wisdom to help children eat what they might not...

Feb 4, 2021

Understand common work and home problems and how to solve them. Then see a comparison between the conditions at work and at home that will enable you to be successful in adjusting your language, emotions, and social behavior at work and at home. This adjustment will help your kids feel happier.